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I am a caring former employee of this company who can no longer put up with this massive deception. All investors should know that Bitsonar OU has turned into a financial pyramid (ponzi), so do not be fooled by the illusions that you will be able to withdraw at least a dollar after so called audit will end, or after they will open on bitsonar.io. All your funds have been stolen by the owner of Bitsonar OU and this is not Marius Ziubka at all. Tomorow I will give you the name of the organizer of this international scam and provide evidence of his guilt.

Not only investors, but also employees, contractors, advisers and everyone who was connected with this project were deceived
Alexander Tovstenko
Citizen of Ukraine, born 30.09.1982
Passport CO161645
Lives in Kiev, Vishneve, 19 Lesi Ukrainki street, flat #155

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Link to a scammer's profile in Facebook
Link to a scammer's profile in Instagram
Thanks to this great article in Forklog, all people can find out what really happened in Bitsonar. Lots of screenshots, photos and videos that reveal the identity of the creator. The article is in Russian, so use translators.
We file a class action lawsuit
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